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What does 123Cosulting do better in comparison with other professional consulting agencies? If we put aside the classic marketing clichés, as a service provider, we basically ask ourselves two main questions. The first question: by completing the project, can we make the world of our customer a better one? The second question: how can such improvement be assessed and what does measurability mean for conversion and co.?


First and foremost, we set up projects to achieve a better result and a better overall status. With the experience gained during the past years, we became familiar with the diverse needs of our customers. We work together with an international network of professionals and orient ourselves for every kind of conversion, in the first place, towards measurability. Not because we have to, but rather because we can.

You have questions.
We deliver answers.

What does technology say?

We check the entire technical setup and tracking to be able to perfectly understand the conversion journey.

What do facts tell us?

Where do the current conversions come from and what does the individual customer/product requirement look like?

How does the optimisation work?

We analyse all factors (e.g. click and bounce rate, website usage, etc.) directly influencing the conversion and review the hypothesis through accurate testing.

What is next?

With the aid of analytic tools, we measure everything that can be measured and provide recommendations for a suitable course of action to achieve the desired goals.

Conversion Illustration


E-mail and newsletter marketing is still the foundation of successful digital and electronic communication. When it comes to customer loyalty, a meaningful and well-coordinated communication chain must be taken into account. Permission marketing allows the classic up-selling of products; however, in the days of data sensitivity, it should not be overdone.


Plan authentic and far-sighted campaigns.