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Static campaign planning was yesterday – today, automated marketing processes count. Modern marketing software helps companies to provide their customers with exactly the right information at the right time. Perfect customer service is possible through digital marketing systems and the linking of online and offline data.


However, successful marketing automation is always based on optimised business processes. The suitable technology is only the foundation – a detailed concept and a cross-departmental campaign development are decisive factors for success. The miracle of marketing automation can only exist if companies embrace it holistically.


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Tomorrow’s customers do not just want to be treated well, they expect much more: i.e. perfect service 24 hours a day. In the digital world, demands need to be satisfied immediately. Everything starts with the first contact. It can be on the website, in a newsletter, a banner, a video and much more. In any case, the first contact is the beginning of the customer journey.

The better you get to know each customer, the better you can use every digital channel to weave the relationship network. You can understand the needs, demands and interests of your customers and can impress them with targeted forecasts and complex campaign cycles.

Successful predictive marketing has the power to make sure that customers will never want to leave your business again. Do you want to bet?


Premium content, meaning content with real added value for your customers, is a prerequisite for effective digital marketing. The Internet is the most powerful sales channel ever. Users consume web content on many different devices and on an unthinkable number of platforms.

Here, the premium content of the future feels at home. In all its diverse forms, it offers information, services, advertising, opinions and much more about all (digital) media formats. Important to know: premium content provides the basis for predictive marketing.

The phenomenon of social advertising also continues to develop. It offers interesting opportunities for “real time bidding” procedures in order to keep – in the short-term – the digital advertising world in movement.

But then, how does it help if I know what customers want, but I cannot address them directly? Right: it does not help much.


In the digital world, if the correct technical interactions and connections are missing, nothing works! In the digital world, technology determines the relevant factors for establishing customer loyalty. This is done starting from a large number of diverse measurement factors. In order to make technology function smoothly, it must be perfectly conceived.

Good solution architects cannot only plan and connect digital system solutions in the best possible way, but they are also able to avoid the creation of a gap between the online and offline media. They offer technical common sense and a high analytical competence. This helps you to equip your digital marketing hub.

They are at the same time master and commander of binary systems. Join us on board and take this journey, it will be worthwhile.


In the digital era, classic media agencies are feeling threatened. Whoever can use its own ad server, can plan and process a campaign in a better and cheaper way than with an agency. Gone are the days of meaningless reporting.

Media agencies can still buy media volume on platforms with a broad coverage, but the actual delivery takes place through customer’s in-house systems. This happens in full transparency and according to the exact specification of the customer. Thanks to your own ad server, you always know how the situation in that moment looks like and see which channels bring more attention, lead and ultimately conversion.

You do not believe it? Try it out and compare the results with the work of your media agency. You will not stop to be amazed, promised!