Awareness on “SEO necessity grows”

72% of the surveyed companies practice SEO. As opposed to last year, there is an increase of 18%.

Moreover, the majority, 65%, plans an extension of SEO activities in the company.

A good sign. The intention is there, now only its implementation is missing.


Take up responsibility with SEO

Just a scarce 50% has a specific employee for SEO and only about 35% works with external agencies. As with other online marketing tools, however, someone feeling responsible for it would be needed in order to make it work.


Know-how and resources are missing

Everyone wants to work with SEO, but know-how and resources are still missing. According to our research, more than 50% of the companies consider themselves “fit” although some basics are missing.

Laut unserer Studie halten sich schließlich über 50 Prozent der Firmen für „fit“ obwohl einige Basics fehlen.

A SEO agency offers an extensive know-how, is always up-to-date on the newest trends and carries out analyses.


Social sharing everywhere

With regard to the integration of social-sharing functions (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), Austrian companies are well set up since a while. Since last year, the numbers increased to 70%. Clearly, companies have learned something in the past year.


Onsite knowledge improves

Knowledge gaps on the so-called “onsite” factors, i.e. technological processing of a website, seem to be filled. The number of “non- knowers” among the surveyed companies sinks to a proud 29% and is currently 26% in total.


Success of mobile pages

In comparison with last year, 30% of the companies thinks that offering a mobile version is not that important. This is a 16% difference and a good development, if you think about how a well-prepared mobile webpage influences the top positions in google rankings.


Need to catch up in link building

Although half of the surveyed companies does not practice any professional link building, it is actually very risky considering the penalties inflicted by Google, thus a loss in ranking.

Only 33% edits its press releases for search engines, although Google is an important tool for journalists.

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