Do you already do “programmatic marketing”? The term programmatic marketing refers to digital advertising, which is automatically managed and optimised through algorithms and data analysis. Advertising based on target groups? Definitely obsolete. Today, it is possible to recognise, in real time, at which point of the customer journey (i.e. the path from stranger to customer) a user is. Then he/she is addressed automatically by the right advertising medium, suited to his/her interests. This is where he/she completes the purchase.

Now the bad news for those who still practice programmatic marketing: it will not exist much longer. This is because, soon it will be a matter of confronting the customer with the right message, even before he/she knows what he/she actually wants. Predictive customer engagement is actually the highlight in marketing. Everything that can be digitalised, will be digitalised. The data gathered with it tell us much more than what the user wants. They reveal what they WILL WANT.

The data necessary for this purpose are today already at your disposal. The keyword is “big data”. How you measure, analyse and use the data available will be crucial. It is important to define the right objectives from the start in order to be able to optimise your planning and marketing activities constantly. The tools needed for this purpose are on the market since long time – but you should tailor your business processes yourself.

It will not only be a matter of delivering targeted advertising to the user in real time. Soon it will be a matter of placing the right offer for the customer, even before he/she knows that he/she wants to have it. Habits from analog business worlds, such as opening and service hours, are past history. Your customer carries Internet in his/her pocket. And he/she uses it around the clock, seven days a week. He/she wants to inform him/herself about when he/she wants to buy and when he/she is in the mood for it. If he/she cannot do it at your business, he/she will move on to the competition. Former analog digital customer processes became digital and the transformation goes on rapidly.

Make a step towards “digital experience”. If you do not do it, you put your business model at risk. Do not be content with programmatic marketing. Look for a digital agency to accompany you competently and all-round through your “digitalising adventure”. There is no other way than that of digitalisation. If you wait too long, you lose the connection.