Please, don’t get me wrong: usually, I deal with business matters differently. But today I make an exception. Since the topic is very important to me, I cannot help being very direct. For this is reason I say it clearly: chase static campaigns finally away, when it comes to online marketing! It is inefficient, vague and hopelessly outdated. The only right way to develop digital campaigns correctly and efficiently is to do it by automatizing. Everything else only leads to unhappiness and scales badly.

Perfect customer benefits in digital marketing

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you are interested in a new car. You look for information online and perhaps you fill in the contact request form on the producer’s website. As soon as you do this, your data will be processed, saved and categorised. Of course, as consumer you are unaware of this procedure. 24 hours after your first request, you receive per e-mail further information on the one model you were interested in.

A couple of days later, you see advertisements of the latest leasing offers, exactly targeted to suit your finances. They appear on a variety of portals, on YouTube, Facebook or a digital car magazine. In addition, you “bump” into display advertising showing the latest special edition of the car model you preferred. To follow, your local dealer sends you an invitation per SMS. The leasing offer that will be presented to you, was previously checked and approved. It will be handed over to you by a salesperson that matches your target group profile and, therefore, you will perceive as nice from the start. The car has been perfectly digitally packed just for you. Everything is good, even the discount that you negotiate. You pull out your check book and sign the contract.

This is how customer communication works today thanks to digital marketing automatization. On and offline campaigns are linked without losing in quality. Prospective customers always receive at all times of the decision-making process exactly the kind of information they need in that moment. The times of annoying advertising breaks missing customer needs are over. What counts today is relevant information, at the right moment, in the right format and the right call for action.

Perfect automation experience – and what you as a business need for it.

The example depicted above sounds complex and, at first sight, may not be a trivial matter. The challenges arising for companies are as much in operative handling or in the planning of digital marketing. According to my experience, the main obstacle is to include all relevant departments of a company. Management, marketing, sales, communication, technology –many departments must work together for a perfectly integrated digital campaign within the framework of automation marketing.

On the other hand, it is easier to create the appropriate technological environment for dynamic digital marketing. As technological foundation, for example, you should install your own ad server. In no time, you will know which channels bring attention, leads and, last but not least, conversion. You can still keep your media agency, but it should take care of buying media on far-reaching portals. Campaign planning and running are something you can do by yourself.

For the issue “customer journey” a great deal of thought and consideration is required. Here, well planned is half the battle! This is because, today’s digital customers do not only want to be treated well. No, they expect perfect service and 24/7. Digital means immediate availability. From the first contact onwards, you should deliver relevant information to your customers. At the same time, you should get to know them better. The better the profile of your prospective customers you have, the better offers and services you can tailor. Successful predictive marketing makes your customers to never want to leave your company. Why?

Premium content, thus outstanding and relevant content, is a must for successful marketing automation. No meaningful contact with the customer can arise without good content. Diverse in all variations, it offers information, services, advertising, opinions and much more on all (digital) media formats.

You see, the marketing automation issue is complex. But it is the future. And it has enormous potential. Hence, my very clear recommendation: if you want to sell successfully also tomorrow, you should start as soon as possible to design your marketing dynamically and put the focus on the customer. Chase your static campaign planning away today and initiate a completely new digital marketing era. We help you to do so.